Experiencing WIFI issues?
Optimize your WIFI or fix any common home network problems with RouteThis Helps. RouteThis Helps is a free tool that diagnoses your WIFI connections and provides solutions to common home networking issues. 

When should I use RouteThis Helps?

  • Slow download speeds
  • Poor WIFI connection
  • Video Buffering Issues
  • Devices dropping from Network

How it Works:

Step 1: Download the free RouteThis Helps app onto your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2: Open the app and click Begin. You will be asked to enter a code. Please use the code NORV.
Step 3: Select Network Scan to start the diagnostics. Make sure you are standing next to your router (about 3ft away) before starting the scan. The scan takes about 2 minutes. Do not close the app or check notifications while the scan is running.
Step 4: When the scan completes, you will see a screen displaying your speed test result. To see suggestions on how to improve your network speed and coverage, click Improve Network Health at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions on the following screens to improve your network!

Still having issues? 

Our Technical Support team is available 24/7. Please call 1-800-250-8927 for further support.
Running a scan is helpful and will speed up troubleshooting. Your scan produced a unique key in the top right of the app’s screen which you should provide to us for further troubleshooting purposes. Make sure to tell our representative on the phone or via chat that you have run a scan, and share your key with them.

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Experiencing WIFI Issues?

Optimize your WIFI or fix any common home network problems with RouteThis Helps.

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