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Norvado fiber optic internet to your home means you don't have to wait. For anything.


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50 Mb DL
10 Mb UL

  • Good for Everyday Use. Up to 3 Devices
  • Unlimited. No Data Caps.

100 Mb DL
30 Mb UL

  • Save $20/mo
  • Best for Streaming. 5-7 Devices
  • Best Value.
  • Unlimited. No Data Caps.

300 Mb DL
50 Mb UL

  • Best for Families.
  • 3x Faster for the same price.
  • Unlimited. No Data Caps.

1 Gb DL
100 Mb UL

  • 10x Faster Upload for same price.
  • Unlimited. No Data Caps.

Are you a Telecommuter?

The more you need, the more you save.

Take Phone with
any Internet

Take TV with
any Internet

Take Phone, TV
with any Internet


Equipment & Networking

Internet Equipment

Did you know your wireless router is the #1 reason for slow internet speeds in your home? We have the latest equipment to improve your internet speed, its range, the amount of devices that connect to it, so you can take advantage of our lightning fast internet service. Learn more about Norvado's equipment options and start having a better experience.

Internet Security

Viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, identify theft - sounds like something from a a sci-fi thriller. Unfortunately, these are all realities of today's internet. Regardless if you have a Mac or PC, any website you visit puts your personal information and computers at risk. Protect yourself with internet security from Norvado.

Internet Services

For those that need more than plug-and-play service, Norvado Internet Services can secure computer and server information with scheduled on-line backups, web hosting, Static IP, whole home wire protection and so much more. Services can be tailored to meet your unique needs and demands.

Norvado Speed Test

Download and Upload speeds are important to getting the best internet experience possible. See how fast your connection is. We can make you even faster.

24/7 Customer Support

Our local customer experience agents are here when ever you need.  Call, email, live chat or visit us at our Cable office. How can we assist you?

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