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Norvado TV is pure entertainment.

Beyond the great channels you expect, Norvado TV offers incredible features — like the ability to restart live TV, program your DVR remotely, check the weather, and even power off the TV quickly if the Packers are losing.

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All the shows. No contract.

This isn’t cable. It’s Norvado TV. Which means you still get great programming, without being handcuffed to a contract.

Watch the hottest shows on HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax — all in HD.


Watch your shows on your device for free with WatchTVEverywhere from Norvado.


Norvado sources the most local channels so you’ll never miss the news or kickoff.

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Look no further. Introducing streaming concierge service! Find out how much bandwidth you need for streaming and use our interactive tool to select the channels most important to you. We’ll show you the streaming packages available. It’s magic!

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  • Basic Channels
  • 45 Channels

  • WatchTVEverywhere Access

  • FREE Video on Demand Content Included

  • Must have internet & Apex Managed WIFI with television.

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  • Basic Expanded Channels
  • Includes All Basic Channels

  • Additional 60+ Channels

  • 50 Music Channels

  • FREE Video on Demand Content Included

  • Must have internet & Apex Managed WIFI with television.

Per Month
  • Expanded Plus Channels
  • Includes All Basic Expanded Channels

  • Additional 55+ Channels

  • 50 Music Channels

  • FREE Video on Demand Content Included

  • Must have internet & Apex Managed WIFI with television.

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Additional Set Top Box(es)
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A Set Top Box (STB) is an information appliance device that contains a TV-tuner input and displays output to a television and an external source of signal, turning the source signal into content in a form that can then be displayed on the television screen.

Cloud Whole Home DVR
$6.00 Add

Record three (3) streams simultaneously and store up to 100 GB of content. Access your recordings on any TV connected to your system.

Cloud Plus Whole Home DVR
$12.00 Add

Record nine (9) streams simultaneously and store up to 300 GB of content. Access your recordings on any TV connected to your system.

NFL RedZone
$45.00/season Add

NFL RedZone allows you to follow your fantasy team all in one place and see every scoring play.

$17.95 Add
STARZ & Encore
$14.95 Add
$10.99 Add
$13.95 Add
$14.95 Add

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TV Channel Listing

No. Channel Name Restart TV HD TVE Basic Basic Expanded Expanded Plus Premium Category
97 NBC Sports Network Sports
410 Cinemax Entertainment
377 ACC Network HD Sports
121 VICE Entertainment
321 VICE HD Entertainment
440 Starz Encore Suspense Movies
540 Starz Encore Suspense HD Movies
441 Starz Encore Westerns Movies
541 Starz Encore Westerns HD Movies
442 Starz Encore Black Movies
542 Starz Encore Black HD Movies
701 In Demand 1 Entertainment
702 In Demand 2 Entertainment
703 In Demand 3 Entertainment
707 PPV en Espanol Entertainment
825 Playboy TV Entertainment
419 Showtime Next Movies
519 Showtime Next HD Movies
420 Showtime Movies
520 Showtime HD Movies
421 SHO 2 Movies
521 SHO 2 HD Movies
422 Showtime Showcase Movies
522 Showtime Showcase HD Movies
423 Showtime Extreme Movies
523 Showtime Extreme HD Movies
424 Showtime Beyond Movies
524 Showtime Beyond HD Movies
425 The Movie Channel Movies
525 The Movie Channel HD Movies
426 The Movie Channel Extra Movies
526 The Movie Channel Extra HD Movies
427 Flix Movies
527 Flix HD Movies
428 Showtime Women Movies
528 Showtime Women HD Movies
430 Starz Movies
530 Starz HD Movies
431 Starz Edge Movies
531 Starz Edge HD Movies
432 Starz in Black Movies
532 Starz in Black HD Movies
433 Starz Kids & Family Movies
533 Starz Kids & Family HD Movies
434 Starz Cinema Movies
534 Starz Cinema HD Movies
435 Starz Comedy Movies
535 Starz Comedy HD Movies
436 Starz Encore Movies
536 Starz Encore HD Movies
437 Starz Encore Family Movies
537 Starz Encore Family HD Movies
438 Starz Encore Action Movies
538 Starz Encore Action HD Movies
439 Starz Encore Classic Movies
539 Starz Encore Classic HD Movies
175 Nick 2 Kids
265 Nick 2 HD Kids
176 Hallmark Drama Entertainment
376 Hallmark Drama HD Entertainment
397 HD Net Movies HD Movies
398 AXS TV HD Entertainment
350 NFL RedZone HD Sports
400 HBO Movies
500 HBO HD Movies
401 HBO2 Movies
501 HBO2 HD Movies
402 HBO Signature Movies
502 HBO Signature HD Movies
403 HBO Family Movies
503 HBO Family HD Movies
404 HBO Comedy Movies
504 HBO Comedy HD Movies
405 HBO Zone Movies
505 HBO Zone HD Movies
406 HBO Latino Movies
506 HBO Latino HD Movies
411 Moremax Movies
511 Moremax HD Movies
412 Thrillermax Movies
512 Thrillermax HD Movies
413 Actionmax Movies
513 Actionmax HD Movies
414 5 Starmax Movies
514 5 Starmax HD Movies
415 Cinemax Movies
515 Cinemax HD Movies
416 Outermax Movies
516 Outermax HD Movies
417 Moviemax Movies
517 Moviemax HD Movies
418 Showtime Family Movies
518 Showtime Family HD Movies
118 RFD TV Entertainment
318 RFD TV HD Entertainment
119 INSP Entertainment
123 Teen Nick Kids
261 Teen Nick HD Kids
124 Ovation TV Entertainment
324 Ovation TV HD Entertainment
125 AHC (American Heroes Channel) Entertainment
325 AHC HD (American Heroes Channel) Entertainment
127 Military History Channel Entertainment
128 Crime & Investigation Network Entertainment
328 Crime & Investigation Network HD Entertainment
129 Cooking Channel Entertainment
329 Cooking Channel HD Entertainment
160 ARTS Entertainment
161 The Cowboy Channel Entertainment
162 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movies
362 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD Movies
164 BET Jams Music
165 MTV Tr3s Music
166 MTVU Music
167 BET Soul Music
169 SEC Network Sports
369 SEC Network HD Sports
170 SEC Network (Alt.) Sports
173 Sundance Movies
174 IFC (Independent Film Channel) Movies
374 IFC HD (Independent Film Channel) Movies
104 Discovery Family Channel Entertainment
304 Discovery Family Channel HD Entertainment
106 FYI Entertainment
306 FYI HD Entertainment
107 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network) Religious
108 EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) Religious
109 BET Music
309 BET HD Music
110 UP (Uplifting Entertainment) Entertainment
111 MTV Classic Music
112 MTV2 (Music Television) Music
312 MTV2 HD (Music Television) Music
113 Boomerang Kids
114 FX Movie Channel Movies
314 FX Movie Channel HD Movies
117 National Geographic Wild Entertainment
317 National Geographic Wild HD Entertainment
90 CNN International News
92 SCI (Science Channel) Entertainment
292 SCI HD Entertainment
93 Fox Sports 2 Sports
293 Fox Sports 2 HD Sports
94 NFL Network Sports
294 NFL Network HD Sports
95 Golf Channel Sports
295 Golf Channel HD Sports
96 Outdoor Channel Sports
296 Outdoor Channel HD Sports
99 Sportsman Channel Sports
299 Sportsman Channel HD Sports
103 Destination America Entertainment
303 Destination America HD Entertainment
945 MC: Soundscapes Music
946 MC: Smooth Jazz Music
947 MC: Jazz Music
948 MC: Blues Music
949 MC: Singers & Swing Music
950 MC: Easy Listening Music
951 MC: Classical Masterpieces Music
952 MC: Light Classical Music
22 ESPN U Sports
222 ESPN U HD Sports
50 NickMusic Music
55 Great American Family Music
255 GAC Family HD Music
60 Nicktoons Network Kids
260 Nicktoons Network HD Kids
62 Hallmark Channel Entertainment
262 Hallmark Channel HD Entertainment
66 Turner Classic Movies Movies
266 Turner Classic Movies HD Movies
70 Magnolia Network Entertainment
270 Magnolia Network HD Entertainment
71 Oxygen Entertainment
271 Oxygen HD Entertainment
72 Food Network Entertainment
272 Food Network HD Entertainment
78 CMT Music Music
88 BBC America Entertainment
388 BBC America HD Entertainment
89 BBC World News Entertainment
389 BBC World News HD Entertainment
925 MC: Teen Beats Music
926 MC: Kidz Only! Music
927 MC: Toddler Tunes Music
928 MC: Y2K Music
929 MC: ’90s Music
930 MC: ’80s Music
931 MC: ’70s Music
932 MC: Solid Gold Oldies Music
933 MC: Pop & Country Music
934 MC: Today’s Country Music
935 MC: Country Hits Music
936 MC: Classic Country Music
937 MC: Contemporary Christian Music
938 MC: Pop Latino Music
939 MC: Musica Urbana Music
940 MC: Mexicana Music
941 MC: Tropicales Music
942 MC: Romances Music
943 MC: Sounds of the Seasons Music
944 MC: Stage & Screen Music
905 MC: Dance/EDM Music
906 MC: Indie Music
907 MC: Hip-Hop and R&B Music
908 MC: Rap Music
909 MC: Hip-Hop Classics Music
910 MC: Throwback Jamz Music
911 MC: R&B Classics Music
912 MC: R&B Soul Music
913 MC: Gospel Music
914 MC: Reggae Music
915 MC: Rock Music
916 MC: Metal Music
917 MC: Alternative Music
918 MC: Adult Alternative Music
919 MC: Rock Hits Music
920 MC: Classic Rock Music
921 MC: Soft Rock Music
922 MC: Love Songs Music
923 MC: Pop Hits Music
924 MC: Party Favorites Music
84 Fox News Channel News
284 Fox News Channel HD News
85 HLN (Headline News) News
285 HLN HD (Headline News) News
86 Weather Channel News
286 Weather Channel HD News
87 MSNBC News
287 MSNBC HD News
91 National Geographic Channel Entertainment
291 National Geographic Channel HD Entertainment
98 Fox Sports 1 Sports
298 Fox Sports 1 HD Sports
101 FXX Entertainment
301 FXX HD Entertainment
102 OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Entertainment
302 OWN HD (Oprah Winfrey Network) Entertainment
105 ID (Investigation Discovery) Entertainment
305 ID HD (Investigation Discovery) Entertainment
115 Lifetime Movie Network Movies
315 Lifetime Movie Network HD Movies
116 Lifetime Real Women Entertainment
126 Olympic Channel Sports
326 Olympic Channel HD Sports