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Beyond the great channels you expect, Norvado TV offers incredible features — like the ability to restart live TV, program your DVR remotely, check the weather, and even power off the TV quickly if the Packers are losing.

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This isn’t cable. It’s Norvado TV. Which means you still get great programming, without being handcuffed to a contract.

Watch the hottest shows on HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax — all in HD.


Watch your shows on your device for free with WatchTVEverywhere from Norvado.


Norvado sources the most local channels so you’ll never miss the news or kickoff.

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Additional Set Top Box(es)
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A Set Top Box (STB) is an information appliance device that contains a TV-tuner input and displays output to a television and an external source of signal, turning the source signal into content in a form that can then be displayed on the television screen.

Cloud Whole Home DVR
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Record three (3) streams simultaneously and store up to 100 GB of content. Access your recordings on any TV connected to your system.

Cloud Plus Whole Home DVR
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Record nine (9) streams simultaneously and store up to 300 GB of content. Access your recordings on any TV connected to your system.

NFL RedZone
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NFL RedZone allows you to follow your fantasy team all in one place and see every scoring play.

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TV Channel Listing

No. Channel Name Restart TV HD TVE Basic Basic Expanded Expanded Plus Premium Category
1 On Demand Previews Infotainment
2 Fox Eau Claire (WEAUX) Local
3 CBS Duluth (KBJR) Local
4 NewsNation Entertainment
6 NBC Duluth (KBJR) Local
6 Local Channel Local
7 WSAW HD Wausau CBS Local
8 PBS Duluth (WDSE) Local
9 WAOW Wausau ABC Local
10 CW Network WAOWDT2 (WAOW-DT2) Local
10 ABC Duluth (WDIO) Local
11 Fox Duluth (KQDS) Local
11 WZAW Wausau FOX Local
12 WJFW Rhinelander NBC Local
14 MyTV Wausau CBS Local, News
14 CBS La Crosse (WKBT) Local
16 Decades Wausau ABC Business News, Entertainment, Infotainment, Local
17 MeTV Wausau FOX Entertainment, Infotainment, Kids, Local
18 ABC Eau Claire (WQOW) Local
18 Movies! Wausau FOX Entertainment, Infotainment, Movies
19 PBS Madison (WHA) Local
19 WIS Channel PBS Local
20 PBS St. Paul (KTCA) Local
20 Create PBS Local
21 Antenna TV Entertainment
22 ESPN U Sports
23 ESPN Sports
23 BTN (Big Ten Network) Sports
24 BTN (Big Ten Network) Alt. 2 Sports
24 ESPN 2 Sports
25 ESPNEWS Sports
25 Bally Sports Wisconsin Sports
26 Bally Sport Wisconsin Alternate Sports
27 BTN (Big Ten Network) Sports
28 Bally Sports Wisconsin Sports
28 ESPN Sports
29 Lifetime Entertainment
29 ESPN 2 Sports
30 TBS (Turner Broadcasting Station) Entertainment
31 Paramount Network Entertainment
31 ESPNEWS Sports
32 TNT (Turner Network TV) Entertainment
32 ESPN U Sports
33 USA Network Entertainment
34 NewsNation Entertainment
35 Nickelodeon Kids
35 NFL Network Sports
36 Disney Channel Kids
37 Disney XD Kids
38 Nick Jr Kids
39 Bravo Entertainment
39 Fox Sports 2 Sports
40 A&E Network Entertainment
40 Fox Sports 1 Sports
41 AMC (American Movie Classics) Movies
41 Golf Channel Sports
42 Animal Planet Entertainment
42 Outdoor Channel Sports
43 Bloomberg Business Television News
43 NBCSN (NBC Sports Network) Sports
44 Cartoon Network Kids
44 Adult Swim Entertainment
44 Sportsman Channel Sports
45 Comedy Central Entertainment
45 Olympic Channel Sports
46 truTV Entertainment
47 Discovery Channel Entertainment
48 E! Entertainment Television Entertainment
49 Fox Business Network Business News
50 CMT (Country Music Television) Music
50 NickMusic Music
51 Discovery Life Channel Entertainment
51 MTV (Music Television) Music
52 FX Entertainment
52 VH1 Music
53 Freeform Entertainment
54 GSN (Game Show Network) Entertainment
55 HSN (Home Shopping Network) Entertainment
55 GAC Family Music
56 QVC Entertainment
56 History Entertainment
57 HGTV (Home & Garden Television) Entertainment
57 Jewelry TV Infotainment, Shopping
58 Court TV Local
58 TLC (The Learning Channel) Entertainment
59 Circle TV Entertainment
60 Boomerang Kids
60 Nicktoons Network Kids
61 Cartoon Network Kids
61 Youtoo America Entertainment
62 Discovery Family Channel Entertainment
62 Hallmark Channel Entertainment
63 WE (Women’s Entertainment) Entertainment
63 Disney Channel Kids
64 Nickelodeon Kids
64 Syfy Entertainment
65 Disney XD Kids
65 TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Religious
66 Disney Junior Kids
66 Turner Classic Movies Movies
67 PBS Kids (WDSE) Local
67 Travel Channel Entertainment
68 TV Land Entertainment
69 QVC Entertainment
70 Magnolia Network Entertainment
70 VICELAND Entertainment
71 A&E Entertainment, Infotainment
71 Oxygen Entertainment
72 BBC America Entertainment
72 Food Network Entertainment
73 FYI Entertainment
74 Discovery Channel Entertainment
74 Disney Junior Kids
75 ID (Investigation Discovery) Entertainment
75 CMT (Country Music Television) Music
76 MTV (Music Television) Music
76 OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Entertainment
77 Destination America Entertainment
77 VH1 Music
78 SCI (Science Channel) Entertainment
78 CMT Music Music
79 AHC (American Heroes Channel) Entertainment
80 Discovery Life Channel Entertainment
80 CNN (Cable News Network) News
81 History Entertainment
81 CNBC News
82 HGTV (Home & Garden Television) Entertainment
82 C-SPAN News
83 C-SPAN2 News
83 TLC (The Learning Channel) Entertainment
84 National Geographic Channel Entertainment
84 Fox News Channel News
85 HLN (Headline News) News
85 Travel Channel Entertainment
86 DIY (Do-It-Yourself Network) Entertainment
86 Weather Channel News
87 Military History Channel Entertainment
87 MSNBC News
88 Nat Geo Wild Entertainment
88 BBC America Entertainment
89 BBC World News Entertainment
90 CNN International News
91 National Geographic Channel Entertainment
92 SCI (Science Channel) Entertainment
93 Fox Sports 2 Sports
94 NFL Network Sports
95 C-SPAN News
95 Golf Channel Sports
96 C-SPAN2 News
96 Outdoor Channel Sports
97 NBCSN (NBC Sports Network) Sports
98 Fox Sports 1 Sports
99 truTV Entertainment
99 Sportsman Channel Sports
100 Freeform Entertainment
101 Animal Planet Entertainment
101 FXX Entertainment
102 Comedy Central Entertainment
102 OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Entertainment
103 E! Entertainment Television Entertainment
103 Destination America Entertainment
104 FX Entertainment
104 Discovery Family Channel Entertainment
105 GSN (Game Show Network) Entertainment
105 ID (Investigation Discovery) Entertainment
106 FYI Entertainment
106 Hallmark Channel Entertainment
107 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network)
107 Syfy Entertainment
108 EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network)
108 TBS (Turner Broadcasting Station) Entertainment
109 BET Music
109 Paramount Network Entertainment
110 UP (Uplifting Entertainment) Entertainment
110 TNT (Turner Network TV) Entertainment
111 MTV Classic Music
111 TV Land Entertainment
112 MTV2 (Music Television) Music
112 USA Network Entertainment
113 Boomerang Kids
113 RFD TV Entertainment
114 FX Movie Channel Movies
114 Lifetime Entertainment
115 Lifetime Movie Network Movies
115 Lifetime Movie Network Movies
116 Lifetime Real Women Entertainment
116 Lifetime Real Women Entertainment
117 National Geographic Wild Entertainment
117 Ovation TV Entertainment
118 RFD TV Entertainment
118 Oxygen Entertainment
119 INSP Entertainment
119 FXX Entertainment
120 Esquire Network Entertainment
121 VICE SD Entertainment
121 Food Network Entertainment
122 HSN (Home Shopping Network) Entertainment
122 WE (Women’s Entertainment) Entertainment
123 Teen Nick Kids
123 Hallmark Drama Entertainment
124 Ovation TV Entertainment
125 AHC (American Heroes Channel) Entertainment
126 Olympic Channel Sports
127 Military History Channel Entertainment
127 AMC (American Movie Classics) Movies
128 Crime & Investigation Network Entertainment
128 IFC (Independent Film Channel) Movies
129 Cooking Channel Entertainment
129 Sundance Movies
130 CW Duluth (KDLH) Local
130 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movies
131 MY9 Duluth (KBJR) Local
131 Bravo Entertainment
132 PBS Kids (WDSE) Local
132 FX Movie Channel Movies
133 Youtoo America Entertainment
134 Me TV Duluth (WDIO) Local
134 TCM Movies
135 Create PBS Duluth (WDSE) Local
135 Crime & Investigation Network Entertainment
136 MN Channel PBS Duluth (WDSE) Local
137 ei PBS Duluth (WDSE) Local
138 Antenna TV Entertainment
139 ShopHQ Entertainment
140 UP (Uplifting Entertainment) Entertainment
140 Inspirational KCWV Religious
141 Quest Entertainment
141 TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Religious
142 Justice Network Local
142 EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network)
143 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network)
143 LAFF Local
144 Court TV Local
145 Escape Local
150 Weather Channel News
152 CNN (Cable News Network) News
153 CNN International News
154 Fox News Channel News
155 HLN (Headline News) News
156 MSNBC News
157 CNBC News
158 CNBC World News
159 Fox Business Network Business News
160 ARTS Entertainment
160 BBC World News Entertainment
161 The Cowboy Channel Entertainment
162 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movies
163 C-SPAN3 News
164 BET Jams Music
165 MTV Tr3s Music
166 MTVU Music
167 BET Soul Music
168 Bally Sports Wisconsin (Alt.) Sports
169 SEC Network Sports
170 SEC Network (Alt.) Sports
171 BTN (Big Ten Network) Alt. 1 Sports
172 BTN (Big Ten Network) Alt. 2 Sports
173 Sundance Movies
174 IFC (Independent Film Channel) Movies
175 Nick 2 Kids
176 Hallmark Drama Entertainment
178 Reelz Entertainment
202 Fox Eau Claire HD (WEAUX) Local
203 CBS Duluth HD (KBJR) Local
206 NBC Duluth HD (KBJR) Local
208 PBS Duluth HD (WDSE) Local
210 ABC Duluth HD (WDIO) Local
211 Fox Duluth HD (KQDS) Local
214 CBS La Crosse HD (WKBT) Local
218 ABC Eau Claire HD (WQOW) Local
219 PBS Madison HD (WHA) Local
222 ESPN U HD Sports
223 ESPN HD Sports
224 ESPN 2 HD Sports
225 ESPNEWS HD Sports
227 BTN HD (Big Ten Network) Sports
228 Bally Sports Wisconsin HD Sports
229 Lifetime HD Entertainment
230 TBS HD (Turner Broadcasting Station) Entertainment
231 Paramount Network HD Entertainment
232 TNT HD (Turner Network TV) Entertainment
233 USA Network HD Entertainment
234 NewsNation HD Entertainment
235 Nickelodeon HD Kids
236 Disney Channel HD Kids
237 Disney XD HD Kids
238 Nick Jr Kids
239 Bravo HD Entertainment
240 A&E Network HD Entertainment
241 AMC HD (American Movie Classics) Movies
242 Animal Planet HD Entertainment
244 Cartoon Network Kids
245 Comedy Central HD Entertainment
246 truTV HD Entertainment
247 Discovery Channel HD Entertainment
248 E! Entertainment Television HD Entertainment
249 Fox Business Network HD Business News
251 Discovery Life Channel HD Entertainment
252 FX HD Entertainment
253 Freeform HD Entertainment
254 GSN HD (Game Show Network) Entertainment
255 GAC Family HD Music
256 History HD Entertainment
257 HGTV HD (Home & Garden Television) Entertainment
258 TLC HD (The Learning Channel) Entertainment
260 Nicktoons Network Kids
261 TeenNick HD Kids
262 Hallmark Channel HD Entertainment
263 WE HD (Women’s Entertainment) Entertainment
264 Syfy HD Entertainment
265 Nick 2 Kids
266 Turner Classic Movies Movies
267 Travel Channel HD Entertainment
268 TV Land HD Entertainment
269 QVC HD Entertainment
270 Magnolia Network HD Entertainment
271 Oxygen HD Entertainment
272 Food Network HD Entertainment
274 Disney Junior HD Kids
275 CMT HD (Country Music Television) Music
276 MTV HD (Music Television) Music
277 VH1 HD Music
278 Reelz HD Entertainment
280 CNN HD (Cable News Network) News
281 CNBC HD News
284 Fox News Channel HD News
285 HLN HD (Headline News) News
286 Weather Channel HD News
287 MSNBC HD News
291 National Geographic Channel HD Entertainment
292 SCI HD (Science Channel) Entertainment
293 Fox Sports 2 HD Sports
294 NFL Network HD Sports
295 Golf Channel HD Sports
296 Outdoor Channel HD Sports
297 NBCSN HD (NBC Sports Network) Sports
298 Fox Sports 1 HD Sports
299 Sportsman Channel HD Sports
301 FXX HD Entertainment
302 OWN HD (Oprah Winfrey Network) Entertainment
303 Destination America HD Entertainment
304 Discovery Family Channel HD Entertainment
305 ID HD (Investigation Discovery) Entertainment
306 FYI HD Entertainment
307 PBS Madison HD (WHA) Local
307 WLEF HD Wausau PBS Local
308 WSAW HD Wausau CBS Local
309 BET HD Music
310 CW Duluth (KDLH) HD Local
312 MTV2 HD (Music Television) Music
313 WJFW HD Rhinelander NBC Local
314 FX Movie Channel HD Movies
315 Lifetime Movie Network HD Movies
317 National Geographic Wild HD Entertainment
318 RFD TV HD Entertainment
319 WAOW HD Wausau ABC Local
321 VICE HD Entertainment
324 BTN HD (Big Ten Network) Alt. 2 Sports
324 Ovation TV HD Entertainment
325 AHC HD (American Heroes Channel) Entertainment
325 WZAW HD Wausau FOX Local
326 Bally Sports Wisconsin Alternate HD Sports
326 Olympic Channel HD Sports
328 Crime & Investigation Network HD Entertainment
329 Cooking Channel HD Entertainment
330 CW Duluth (KDLH) HD Local
330 BTN HD (Big Ten Network) Sports
332 Fox Sports Net North-Wisc. HD Sports
332 Bally Sports Wisconsin HD Sports
333 ESPN HD Sports
334 ESPN 2 HD Sports
338 NFL Network HD Sports
339 Fox Sports 2 HD Sports
339 NASA HD Entertainment
340 Fox Sports 1 HD Sports
341 Golf Channel HD Sports
342 Outdoor Channel HD Sports
343 NBCSN HD (NBC Sports Network) Sports
345 Olympic Channel HD Sports
350 CMT HD (Country Music Television) Music
350 NFL RedZone HD Sports
351 MTV HD (Music Television) Music
352 VH1 HD Music
361 Cartoon Network Kids
362 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD Movies
363 Disney Channel HD Kids
364 Nickelodeon HD Kids
368 Bally Sports Wisconsin (Alt.) HD Sports
369 Velocity HD Entertainment
369 SEC Network HD Sports
370 VICELAND HD Entertainment
371 BTN HD (Big Ten Network) Alt. 1 Sports
372 BTN HD (Big Ten Network) Alt. 2 Sports
373 FYI HD Entertainment
374 IFC (Independent Film Channel) HD Movies
376 Hallmark Drama HD Entertainment
382 HGTV HD (Home & Garden Television) Entertainment
383 TLC HD (The Learning Channel) Entertainment
384 National Geographic Channel HD Entertainment
385 Travel Channel HD Entertainment
386 Magnolia Network HD Entertainment
388 Nat Geo Wild HD Entertainment
388 BBC America HD Entertainment
389 BBC World News HD Entertainment
397 HD Net Movies HD Movies
398 AXS TV HD Entertainment
399 truTV HD Entertainment
399 Velocity HD Entertainment
400 Freeform HD Entertainment
400 HBO Movies
401 Animal Planet HD