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Traditional television bundles offer a lot of bundled channels into a package. Generally, providers offer three or four levels of packages. Norvado offers three levels, 20+ channels depending on market, 100+ channels, 200+ channels, plus you can add premium channels to any of the three packages. The benefit of a traditional television package is the large number of channels and a lot of content to choose from. The downside is that many people only watch a few channels and may have to buy the largest package to get those channels, which means there is a lot of waste involved.


There are a lot of different types of streaming services ranging from a single channel, to movie and prerecorded content, to live television packages mirroring traditional television. Norvado provides a hybrid, something close to a la carte television, where a customer can get their local channels over streaming with Norvado and a credit for additional streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or any other packages or channels available. This allows our customers to save a lot of money on “wasted” channels in the traditional television bundles. The downside of Norvado’s streaming could be the need for live sports. However, for many, the amount of savings overcomes the downside.

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