Case Studies

From lake homes to schools to high-security casinos, Norvado puts our customers first, no matter the size of their contract. See how Norvado stands apart from the rest.

Thrive Up Here with Norvado

It takes strong connectivity for your business to thrive. We’ve been doing it since 1950, right here in Northwest Wisconsin. No other local provider offers more speed, more reliability and more solutions to help your business grow.

Iron River – Dental Metrics Laboratory INC.

Former long distance commuter Merlyn Coy shares his story of how he created a thriving dental laboratory in Iron River, WI.

ASHLAND – C.G. Bretting Manufacturing

C.G. Bretting Manufacturing streamlines data transfer with speed and a reliable network.

Cable – Source One 360

Source One 360 is a tech company that relocated to Cable, WI thanks to fiber optic infrastructure and Norvado network solutions.

Hayward – Memorial Medical Center

Memorial Medical Center and Hayward Area Memorial Hospital bring care closer to home thanks to technology solutions.

Ashland – Carlson Building Supplies

C.G. Bretting Manufacturing streamlines data transfer with speed and a reliable network.

OULU – Saturn Systems

From the city street lights to country star light, Frank Pearson found a better way to work in tech – from his home in rural Oulu, Wisconsin near Iron River.


Our customers are nationwide retailers and restaurants associations with footprints clear across the United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii. It’s real important for us to have a backbone and a 24/7 365 connection. Here they are Norvado running fiber in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and I couldn’t get that in the city of Madison. I have unlimited technology capabilities to do what I want to do. It’s unbelievable that I can get that quality at that price.

Dick Bond, Source One 360

When you equate productivity to speed there’s a direct correlation. The faster you can get…the faster the engineer, the assembly folks, the machinist, the accountant, everybody can run faster and get more done.

Mike Willis, C. G. Bretting

“I’m not limited by the technology around me. I’m enabled by it. I couldn’t say that before Norvado.”

Ben Illick, CEO of Carlson Building Supplies

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