Down-home meets high-tech.

Want to settle for outdated technology? That’s your business. At Norvado, ours is to bring you the latest in Internet, voice, video, and security so your business stays strong.



Big-city solutions.
Small-town service.

Better than our technology, is our commitment to serving you. We’ll work with you to assess your business needs, develop a solution, and help you implement it all the way through. Because when your business thrives, so does our community. 

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Beauty is in our details.

Here’s why Norvado is the favored technology provider in the Northwoods:


I’m not limited by the technology around me. I’m enabled by it. I couldn’t say that before Norvado.
- Ben Illick, CEO of Carlson Building Supplies, Ashland, WI
Norvado provides the fiber optic connection between the two hospitals. Our patient satisfaction surveys are showing we are a high technology organization, and we need to continue to maintain that. To provide that care in small town USA is a wonderful piece.
- Todd Reynolds, Haywood Memorial Hospital and Ashland Memorial Medical Center
What we lack in technical expertise, our vendors provide . . particularly Norvado. The technicians they had come here and help us with the problems we’ve had have been top notch.
- Mike Willis, C.G. Bretting
The system is impressive, especially the reporting and flexibility. MAX UC is perfect for our at home users. Your team did a great job and the sales support team is quick and responsive to our needs, well done!
- Russ Kolkind, Northlakes Clinic

Case Studies

Whether you’re in healthcare, government, manufacturing, education, or a small-business owner, Norvado excels at making your business ours.

OULU – Saturn Systems

From the city street lights to country star light, Frank Pearson found a better way to work in tech – from his home in rural Oulu, Wisconsin near Iron River.

Ashland – Carlson Building Supplies

Carlson Building Supplies leverages technology to build a business of the future today.

Let the adventures begin.

Play where you live. Sounds like a plan to us. Put together the perfect package that works for you.

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