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Norvado Managed Network Solutions has all the hardware, software and support your business needs.

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Whether you're looking for the equipment to connect your new business to the vital service that is the internet, or you're looking to update your existing equipment, we have the solution for you.

But why add one more thing to your already overflowing plate? 

Rather than buying, installing and managing your network yourself, allow the Norvado team to do it for you - all for one affordable monthly fee.

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When it comes to your network, we already know what we’re doing. So you can get back to work knowing your network is in great hands.

What's included in Norvado Managed Network Solutions? 


Norvado features Ubiquiti UniFi routers, access points, switches, radios and more.


Access control, data network management, and performance monitoring lets you see what’s happening in real time.


With Norvado managing your network, you'll have 24/7 support and service, along with continual maintenance of your data network.
Now that you know what's included in Norvado Managed Network Solutions, let's build a network that is perfectly tailored to your business.


Whether you need a basic gateway router solution or a complete business-class solution, we've got exactly what your business needs. 
Prices are based on a 60-month term.

Unifi Security Gateway

Reliable security with high‐performance routing technology.


Product ID: USG

Unifi Security Gateway Pro

A high-performance Gigabit router, delivering robust security and advanced routing features.


Product ID: USG-PRO-4 

Unifi Next Generation Gateway Pro

Dual-WAN security gateway designed to protect medium to large-sized networks with enterprise-class firewall configuration and threat management features.


Product ID: UXG-PRO-US 


Building a fully functional network to support your business is not possible without a switch. With a variety of switches available, we have the perfect switch to support your network.
Prices are based on a 60-month term.

Unifi Switch 8 poe

An eight-port, layer 2 PoE switch with a fanless cooling system.


Product ID: US-8-150W

Unifi Switch Lite 8 PoE

Eight-port, layer 2 PoE switch supporting silent fanless cooling.


Product ID: USW-LITE-8-POE

Unifi Switch 16 PoE

16-port, layer 2 PoE switch with a silent, fanless cooling system.


Product ID: USW-16-POE

Unifi Switch Lite 16 PoE

A wall-mountable, 16-port, Layer 2 PoE switch with a fanless cooling system.


Product ID: USW-LITE-16-POE

Unifi Switch 24 PoE

A 24-port, Layer 2 PoE switch with a fanless cooling system.


Product ID: USW-24-POE

Unifi Switch 48 PoE

A 48-port, Layer 2 PoE switch with a silent, fanless cooling system.


Product ID: USW-48-POE

Access Points

Access Points are the building blocks to creating a full coverage network for your business. We provide a variety of access points to create the customized network that is perfect for your business.
Prices are based on a 60-month term.

Unifi Access Point In-Wall HD

Dual-band, 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a 2+ Gbps aggregate throughput rate that can be plugged into any non-AC wall outlet.


Product ID: UAP-IW-HD

Unifi Access Point nanoHD

Dual-band, 802.11ac Wave 2 access point that can support over 200 clients with its 2+ Gbps aggregate throughput rate.


Product ID: UAP-nanoHD

Unifi Access Point U6 Lite

Compact, dual-band WIFI 6 access point with flexible mounting options.


Product ID: U6-Lite-US

Unifi Access Point Mesh Dual-Band Antenna

The UniFi Antenna, model UMA-D, is an optional mesh antenna designed to work with the Access Point Mesh and model UAP-AC-M.


Product ID: UMA-D

Unifi Access Point FlexHD

Sleek, powerful 802.11ac Wave 2 access point ideal for home or business use.


Product ID: UAP-flexHD

Unifi Access Point AC Mesh

Outdoor-ready, dual-band WIFI 5 access point with detachable antennas.


Product ID: UAP-AC-M

Unifi Access Point AC Mesh Pro

Dual-band, 802.11ac Wave 1 access point with an omnidirectional super antenna and 3x3 MIMO functionality that can reach a 1.75 Gbps aggregate throughput rate.


Product ID: UAP-AC-M-PRO

Point-to-Point Wireless

To seamlessly connect your network, we have a variety of point-to-point devices available.
Prices are based on a 60-month term.

Unifi UISP airMAX NanoBeam 5AC Bridge

Compact, UISP-ready, 5 GHz WIFI bridge with enhanced surge protection and an optimized radio and antenna.


Product ID: NBE-5AC-GEN2

Unifi UISP airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco

Compact, UISP-ready WIFI radio sporting a classic NanoStation design and an updated airMAX AC chipset.


Product ID: LOCO5AC 

Unifi UISP airMAX LiteAP 5AC Access Point

Ultra-lightweight, 5 GHz access point with a versatile, ball-join mount. It was designed to be an affordable cost/performance solution for long-distance, wireless broadband bridging.


Product ID: LAP-120-US 

Unifi UISP airMAX NanoStation 5AC Radio

UISP-supported WIFI radio designed for point-to-point and customer premises applications.


Product ID: NS-5AC 

Time to Upgrade

Your perfect system awaits.

Network Add Ons.

If you decide to own your network, consider some basic management help.
Norvado will assist with support, patching and maintenance.

Business Network Solutions

Network Support 1-5 Devices
Includes coverage for up to 5 devices.
Network Support up to 20 devices
Business network support for up to 20 devices.
Additional Devices
Cover up to an additional 10 devices.
Terms & Conditions: All equipment is owned and managed by Norvado. The customer is buying the total service, which includes the use of the equipment. The service includes the use of equipment, installation, optimization, unlimited phone support, on-site support, as needed and determined by Norvado, firmware upgrades, security patches, warranty work and replacement if necessary for the equipment provided by Norvado with Managed Network Solutions/IaaS. End devices that you attach to the network are not supported, including devices such as PCs, Laptops, Printers, IoT devices, etc. Should you require support of end user devices, please see Norvado’s ITaaS. The terms of the agreement are enforced. However, should a customer grow, the ability to expand the existing network during the term of the agreement exists. The network cannot be downgraded. Norvado may, at its discretion, replace equipment to new models, technology, or the like. However, it is our promise any replacement equipment would be equal or greater in capabilities of the equipment being replaced. Norvado will not necessarily replace equipment within the term of service based on a customer request, unless it is malfunctioning, defective, or the like. Upon contract expiration or service termination, the network equipment must be returned in working order to Norvado within 30 days. Failure to return equipment or returning abused equipment will result in a charge equal to MSRP of said equipment. Managed Network Solutions or IaaS is not available for seasonal customers. Accidental or customer caused damage is the responsibility of customer. Norvado will replace equipment that fails, is malfunctioning or the like. Customer must have a UPS power backup installed and connected to all Managed Network Solutions or IaaS products for Norvado to cover any replacement, with the exception of remote outdoor equipment, which is not required to be on a UPS.

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Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details. Not all products are available in all areas. Norvado does not service every individual address in every area. Upon ordering products or services over the phone or online an address check is required. All product offers, availability and prices can change without notice.

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