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Introducing Apex Managed WIFI, the ultimate WIFI experience.


Access Possible

Apex Managed WIFI systems are powerful, dynamic WIFI Systems that, thanks to the power of Norvado, provide a platform for everyone in your home to discover what’s possible. From educational exploration to reaching the apex of online gaming to discovering your next family adventure, access possible with Apex Managed WIFI.

Unmatched Performance

With WIFI 6 technology, you will enjoy an unparalleled online experience—with improved coverage, increased throughput, and more simultaneous data streams than systems that use 802.11ac WIFI technology.

Enhanced Security

Physical unclonable Function (PuF) technology, the latest WPA3 security standard, automatic software updates, and our classification engine all combine to provide improved security.

Unlimited Flexibility

You have access to a growing selection of applications, starting with enhanced parental controls and home network security protections.

Managed WIFI - R

  • WIFI 6 Router
  • Apex Managed WIFI App
  • End-to-End Device & Network Monitoring
  • Managed Router
  • Installation Not Included
  • Add Apex Protect App for $4.99/mo
  • Add Apex Experience App for $4.99/mo

Total Experience

  • WIFI 6 Router
  • Apex Managed WIFI App
  • Apex Protect App
  • Apex Experience App
  • WIFI Device Support
  • Managed Security
  • End-to-End Device & Network Monitoring
  • Managed Router
  • Professional Installation Included

Managed WIFI - O

  • WIFI 6 Router
  • Apex Managed WIFI App
  • End-to-End Device & Network Monitoring
  • Semi-Managed Router
  • Installation Not Included
  • Apex Protect App + $4.99/mo
  • Add Apex Experience App for $4.99/mo

Apex Experience

Apex Protect

Set Up
In less than one minute set up your whole system.

The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices.

Prevent viruses, malware, malicious websites and intrusion.

Setup Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease.

Create a guest network – connect your friends and family with a simple tap.

Manage guest access and network speeds.

Apex Mesh Extender

High Performance. Everywhere.

Extend your coverage with the Apex Mesh Extender, a high performance compliment to extend your WIFI from any outlet.

Norvado Speed Test

Download and Upload speeds are important to getting the best internet experience possible. See how fast your connection is. We can make you even faster.

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