Ultimate WIFI. Apex WIFI.
Taking your home network to the next level.

More than just a WIFI router.

latest router technology

So you're never limited by your router. 

Powerful Protection

To keep your devices and your home safe from web threats

Device Prioritization

So you can ensure your most important devices are getting the bandwidth they need, when they need it.

Parental Controls

So you can manage screen time, filter websites and apps and restrict harmful content. Great for parental peace of mind!

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  • WIFI 6 Router (Managed)
  • 24/7 Local Support
  • Router-Level Security
  • Parental Controls
  • Professional Installation
  • Device Prioritization
  • Apex Managed WIFI App

$12.99 /mo

Ultimate WIFI deserves the ultimate app.

download the apex managed Wifi app.

Parental Peace of Mind


Create Profiles

Assign devices to each person for a tailored internet experience for each user.

Create balance

Turn off or pause WIFI, create bedtime schedules, and manage screen time to maintain a harmonious home.

Filter content

Set restrictions to filter out harmful content and receive notifications of any attempts to reach blocked content. 

monitor usage

Review web, app, and online usage by profile for an overview of where your child is spending time.

Take it outside.

With the new Apex Outdoor WIFI Extender, you can take your WIFI network even further - we're talking backyard, boat house, dock, patio, gazebo and beyond.

$12.99 /mo


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But first, internet.

Get online and go.

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