The greatest place deserves amazing technology.

That's why we're bring fiber to the Brettings neighborhood of Ashland in 2024.

The Details

The Ashland Brettings Fiber Build project will start in spring of 2024 and be completed before the end of the year. It will provide state-of-the-art connections to 159 residents and businesses.

Use the map below to determine if your property is included in the project. To order service, simply explore the products on our website and click Order.

Will your home or business receive fiber?

Let’s find out! Enter your address in the search bar at the top-left corner of the map below. If your address is located within the gray-shaded polygon, your property is eligible for fiber during our Ashland Brettings build.

Start your adventure out right.

Residential Offers

$400 Sign On Bonus

Homes that order service by April 30 will receive a one-time $400 credit on your first bill.
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3-months free

Use the Discover Pass to explore any residential products you like, and receive them free for 3 months.
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Commercial Offer

Business bonuses

Business clients will receive sign on bonuses ranging between $500-$1,500. The more you need the more you save!
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You can place an order for your desired services by clicking here or should you need assistance, please fill out the form below and a customer service representative will contact you within one business day.

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What is fiber?

Unlike slower copper wiring or satelite and cellular connections which require a connection to a tower or device in space, our fiber networks are buried underground and use beams of light to transmit data at ridiculous speeds. That means you get all your internet, TV, phone and security needs delivered faster, more reliably and more secure than ever before.

Why is it important?

You get to explore and discover anything your heart desires — without worry of lagging speeds, dropped calls or service limitations ever again. Businesses grow. Communities thrive. Students learn. Economies improve. All from a single fiber network.

Benefits of Fiber

The benefits of Norvado fiber are endless, but these are some of our favorites!
Free Connection
Bringing the fiber line to your premise and connecting to the network is free. You'll also receive our free Standard Installation.
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Network Security
Unlike copper networks, fiber avoids electromagnetic interference and transports information faster — improving security.
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Increased Property Value
Residences with fiber internet see a 3.1% increase in home value. Plus, buyers will pay 2% more for a fiber-connected home especially in the era of working and learning from home.
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Life Uninterrupted
Fiber delivers internet speeds of up to 2 Gbps. That means improved data transfers, unlimited networking capabilities, clearer phone calls, and TV features like streaming and DVR.

We’re excited for the opportunity to serve the Ashland community!

If you've placed an order for service, the next thing we'll need you to do is fill out this quick site survey. The site survey gives us permission to be on your property and directs our crews on where to safely bury your fiber optic cable. It is very important.


Questions? Our friendly staff is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. They can be reached via our online chat, email or phone call to 800-250-8927.

Terms & Conditions:

Commitment and acceptance of service is required for installation of fiber facilities and service. Offer(s) not available in all geographic regions. Applicable taxes, fees (such as 911, USF, IEUF, activation) and surcharges extra. Installation and material charges may apply. Services performed or equipment installed will be billed on a time and materials basis on first month’s statement. Internet speeds advertised are not guaranteed; customers will receive “up to” the advertised speed they are subscribed to. UPS will be required to keep service working during power outages. To see complete terms and conditions of sign on bonus, click here. To see complete terms and conditions of the Discover Pass offer, click here. To see complete terms and conditions of the commercial sign on bonuses, click here.

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Staying Connected during COVID-19 is essential

We’re committed to keeping our communities connected. In an effort to maintain service delivery to our customers, Norvado has instituted new offers, policy and business process to ensure the connectivity and health of the communities we serve.
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