Introducing Super Bundles!
These customer-favorite bundles bring you a super experience and super savings.

Ready for super savings? 

Our customers value great service and great savings, which is why we've created four bundles that highlight the best of Norvado services while also delivering amazing savings. 

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Super Bundle 1

PickME Plan

The original super bundle. 
The PickME Plan is the perfect plan for the viewer who wants to watch the locals, the Packers games and their favorite TV shows, but doesn’t want all the extra channels.
You save $64.18/month!

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What can you buy with the $20 streaming credit?

That's easy. You can buy a monthly subscription to your favorite streaming service.

Super Bundle 2

PickME 2.0

The PickME Plan, new and improved. 
If you love everything about the PickME Plan, but you don’t want to manage your $20 monthly streaming credit, this is the plan for you. PickME 2.0 includes a monthly subscription to three of the top streaming services.
You save $64.18/month!

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Super Bundle 3

Safety + Savings

Stay safe, connected and entertained.
The Safety + Savings package includes our new SmartHome Security service and expands your streaming content.
You save $73.17/month!

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Super Bundle 4

Ultimate Bundle

A complete connected experience. 
With the Ultimate Bundle, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best connected experience and the most savings.
You save $79.17/month!

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Super Bundle 5

Super Streamer

A package for the fully committed streamer. 
With the Super Bundle 5, you'll get the super savings you love and a $50 monthly credit to pay for the streaming services you love. 
You save $34.94/month!

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Super Bundles not for you?

You like to pave your own way and create your own bundle. We respect that! 
If the Super Bundles aren’t the right fit for you, there’s still an opportunity to save big. Explore our website, add the services you need to your cart and watch the savings add up. The more you need, the more you’ll save.

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