Exciting new things are headed your way.

This summer we are expanding our fiber network into your area, and we are excited to get you connected! With our secure, state-of-the-art facilities you can improve your property value, have the most robust Internet in the northwoods, get paid to stream TV and more. Your friends at Norvado are here to help you discover all the possibilities. So if you’re interested, keep scrolling to complete a site survey, order service and get a great deal!

Building the Network

Building the fastest fiber network in the Northwoods takes time and a lot of work. For us, not you.

Here’s what it takes to get you connected to fiber:

Each fiber build project will follow this connection process, but will be completed in multiple phases, allowing us to activate subscribers on fiber as efficiently as possible.

Get Connected

To take advantage of this great opportunity, you first must complete the Site Survey below.

Before you get started, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Note possible obstructions around the premise such as trees, decks, landscaping, buried gas lines, septic systems, underground electric cables, drain tiles, waterlines, etc.
  • Keep in mind, a Network Interface Device (NID) will be installed on the building’s exterior (3′-5′ above ground level), which acts as the connection point between buried facilities and premise wiring, similar to your electric meter box. Therefore, your proposed bury route needs to connect to a point on the exterior where the NID can be affixed properly and is on a wall that can be penetrated to run a wire from the NID to the ONT (typically installed in the basement or utility room).
  • The NID cannot be located on decks or areas above concrete sidewalks where there is not green space directly below it.
  • Need help? Check out our tutorial.


Time to place that order.

One last thing. Let us know what service(s) you are in need of.

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