More time to discover the possibilities.

What if you could get all of the stars to align? With Norvado business services, you can. Introducing our Get Down to Business plan, starting at $50 per seat.

For just $50 per month/seat, you get everything you need, including:

  • Internet service
  • Managed telephone system
  • Managed telephone handsets
  • Managed data infrastructure (router, switch, & managed WIFI access points)
  • IT help desk
  • Network monitoring & resolution
  • Support, equipment replacement & more

Example Package 1

$52.00 per station per month

*10 user/seat business

Example Package 2

$61.00 per station per month

*5 user/seat business

Get Down to Business with Norvado.

At Norvado, it’s not about What Ifs. It’s about Here’s How. Here’s how to gain access to the greatest technology for your business in the Northwoods, while saving a lot of money. Sign up for our GET DOWN TO BUSINESS PLAN.

By purchasing as a package, you’ll save over $1500 when compared to buying all services individually.


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