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10 reasons to switch to
SIP Trunking today:

  1. Keep your phone number from previous provider.
  2. Lower your monthly phone bill.
  3. Keep your PBX.
  4. Purchase only the voice channels you need, no more and no less.
  5. Reroute calls to backup locations in seconds during natural disasters or unforeseen issues.
  6. Scale on demand: flex to larger call volume without adding lines.
  7. Remove hardware restrictions.
  8. Eliminate need for costly PRI.
  9. Converge voice and data service.
  10. Exploit economies of scale: use at one location or share among multiple locations across a company.

How SIP Trunking works





With Norvado fiber optics, we can now connect our two hospitals, and all that data, to create a better patient experience. To be able to provide that level of care in Small Town USA is wonderful.
- Todd Reynolds, Director of Information Systems, Hayward Memorial Medical Center, Hayward & Ashland

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