Introducing Norvado’s

Smartlink PBX 2.0

The days of paying $25-30 grand upfront are over.

For one low monthly fee per station, you’ll get video meetings, instant messaging, phone, CRM integration, gateway, router, phone system admin and more.

And best of all, 

you’ll have Norvado IT Service to keep you up and running – including networking, phone, computer and application support.


Data Network

With SmartLink PBX 2.0 you get a brand new, state-of-the-art data network, including a WIFI network. You’ll receive an appropriately sized switch, router, and WIFI network. We use Ubiquiti Unifi data networking equipment to keep your business up and running.




Ubiquiti USGPRO4
Ubiquiti UXG-PRO-US


Flex AP

Battery Backup

AC Tripp Lite


Each station will receive a Yealink 46u handset and MAXUC desktop and mobile application for easy transition between the handset, computer, and cellular device. Yealink is a proven phone handset that will provide all of the features you’d expect from a top of the line phone system. Extension adaptors available to accommodate traditional extension visibility and transfer.

Yealink 46U

MAXUC desktop and mobile 

Presence, Chat & Video Meetings

SmartLink PBX 2.0 provides chat/instance message, presence, and can include video meetings to keep your business connected, communicating, and efficient. Norvado’s video meeting platform operates and includes the functionality of similar video offerings you are familiar with.

MaX Unified Communication

Including Instant Messaging, Presence & SMS, MaX Meeting & Collaboration, Productivity & CRM application integration



See why SmartLink PBX is just plain smart:

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What we lack in technical expertise, our vendors provide. Particularly Norvado. The techs that come here to help with the things we need have been top notch.
- MIKE WILLIS, IT Manager Bretting Manufacturing, Ashland

What’s included with IT as a Service?

Desktop application support and proactive network monitoring and resolution.

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