Norvado TV is moving to HD Only

Beginnning in September 2023, Norvado will be moving exclusively to a high-definition (HD) platform where channel duplication no longer exists. Therefore, we will discontinue providing a duplication of standard-definition (SD) channels. There are no changes to the number of channels provided – we are simply ending the duplication of a single channel into two versions (HD and SD). SD only channels will remain in place.

The single HD broadcast will now be on the lower channel numbers. As an example, today you receive ESPN on channels 23 (SD) and 223 (HD). Beginning in September, you will only receive the HD version on channel 23. 

You will no longer be able to tune to the upper channels (IE: ESPN channel 223). 

Cloud DVR recordings remaining in your cloud storage beyond 120 days will be automatically deleted. However, you do retain the ability to protect content/recordings you’d like to keep beyond 120 days. 

Action Items for You

  • Review your recordings to ensure you are recording to the new single channel number. If not, please edit your recording to the appropriate channel. 
  • View our support article here for instructions on how to protect your Cloud DVR content. 
  • Use the updated channel guide.

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