Phillips High School Announced As First Norvado Esports Grant Winner

June 1, 2023, Cable, WI: Phillips High School in Phillips, Wisconsin has been named the first recipient of the Norvado Esports Grant Program and will be awarded $25,000 to grow the school’s Esports program in 2023. The funds will be used by the school to construct a competitive Esports gaming facility on campus, enrich the students’ lives and broaden their opportunities in high school and beyond.

The Phillips High School Esports team, competitive level video gaming, was formed in the fall of 2022 and utilized basic gaming equipment to compete as well as they could as a rookie program. The four teams over three seasons consisted of twelve players and was coached by Evan Evenson. Every player improved with each passing week. The Phillips team competes against other teams statewide. With this grant, the school plans to expand the team to twenty or more players and compete in all six of the different seasons offered during the 2023-2024 school year.

Coach Evan Evenson says, “This team means so much to the students and this generous grant from Norvado is not only going to provide them with the technology that they need, but it’s also a great source of excitement that’ll bring their accomplishments to the attention and support of the whole school community.”

Not only will this funding allow for more students to participate in the program, but also enable the players to be more competitive in Esports leagues, a multibillion-dollar industry. Programs like these provide local youth a multitude of new opportunities: team bonding, personal growth, scholarships, professional athletic careers, and careers in the production, announcing, programming, support (IT and other), and broadcasting job markets.

According to the Phillips School Principal, Kevin Wellman, “Esports has positive impacts on the average student as it encourages problem solving skills and enhances student communication with each other. The competition and teamwork allow students to bond and forge friendships in new opportunities. All of these working in conjunction have our students working well together and performing better in class.”

Of the Phillips High School Esports team, nine athletes will be seniors in the coming school year. They all play for the fun and the competition; several plan to transfer their interest into tech-related pursuits at the university level.

Hayden Sokolowski, class of 2024 member, says “Studying some of the most popular games and how they work can help with a future career in game design or programming. My goal is to become a video game programmer and Esports really helps with that.”

Many key elements make up a successful Esports team, but without a reliable, state-of-the-art broadband connection at the backbone, the team will always be limited. Norvado has been investing in and expanding its fiber-based infrastructure for the last 15 years, most recently in the Phillips and surrounding Price County areas. They are on a mission to connect as many communities in the Northwoods as possible to premier technology solutions, enabling the residents and businesses to thrive. Their dedication to this mission made the decision to begin sponsoring Esports in the local schools an easy one.

Chad Young, Norvado CEO, states, “I am thrilled to announce that Phillips High School has been chosen as the recipient of the Norvado Esport Grant Program. This grant will provide the necessary funds to establish a cutting-edge gaming facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, with Norvado’s high-speed fiber network, our local high school students will have the advantage of low latency, enabling them to compete at the highest level in the rapidly expanding world of Esports. The opportunities for scholarships and careers in Esports have grown significantly in recent years, and it’s truly exciting to see Phillips High School equipped with a modern facility and the connectivity needed to fully develop the skills of our talented students.”

Currently the Norvado Esports Grant Program is available to all schools that reside in a Norvado ILEC exchange and are serviceable by their fiber network. To learn more or apply for future funding, contact Norvado’s Esports partner in the program, the MKEsports Alliance, at 414-690-2933 or email


About Norvado

Norvado keeps the Northwoods connected to the easiest, most innovative internet, television, phone, and security services to enhance the experiences and entertainment for our customers.

About Phillips Esports
Since 2022, the Phillips Esports Program has provided students with the opportunity to compete in popular titles of video games against schools around the state of Wisconsin as a member of the Wisconsin High School Esports Association (WIHSEA). Our program’s goal is to promote students’ confidence, teamwork, and instill a source of pride for our school.

About MKEsports Alliance
The MKEsports Alliance is Wisconsin’s leading esports advocate, acting as a catalyst for collaboration and communication across the state various gaming ecosystems. This includes at Highschool, Collegiate and Professional levels, as well as for the leagues, venues and influencers.

Norvado Media Contact:
Chad Mix

Phillips High School Media Contacts:
Coach Evan Evenson

Principal Kevin Wellman

MKEsports Alliance Media Contact:
Brandon Tschacher

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