Barksdale Fiber Optic Network Construction

In 2023 we will expand our fiber optic network into an area of Barksdale, Wisconsin. The build construction is scheduled to begin in August and end in October, which means we can start connecting services for individuals around the beginning of November. We will be burying 28 miles of fiber optic cable to connect 213 properties. An interactive map is available online, allowing anyone the opportunity to look up an address and determine if it is part of the project. Here is a general map of the area we will be serving.

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Our network will deliver internet with speeds up to 2Gbps download and 2Gbps upload, television (streaming and traditional), phone, managed WIFI/network and security services to homes and businesses.

To execute our construction plan as efficiently as possible, we are asking property owners to complete an online order form and site survey before June 15, 2023. Completing these two tasks secures the property owner a free fiber drop, special service discounts and priority installation when the time comes.

Details of this project will be shared with property owners via direct mail, email, social media, phone and in-person visits. Visit for more information or to complete the sign-up process. Our representatives are also available Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm via phone at 800-250-8927 or email at to answer any questions.

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