TV Channels Face Blackouts as Norvado Negotiates for Reasonable Prices for Customers

Effective November 6, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. the following Norvado TV Channels will be facing blackouts as the existing contracts will expire while new contract negotiations are underway.

Norvado Cooperative Area

48, 248 – E! Entertainment Television
64, 264 – Syfy
71, 271 – Oxygen
81, 281 – CNBC
87, 287 – MSNBC
95, 295 – Golf Channel
97, 297 – NBCSN (NBC Sports Network)

Norvado Price County Area

103, 403 – E! Entertainment Television
107, 407 – Syfy
118 – Oxygen
157, 457 – CNBC
156, 456 – MSNBC
41, 341 – Golf Channel
43, 343 – NBCSN (NBC Sports Network)

Across the nation, channel blackouts are becoming more and more frequent as broadcasters and local cable operators, like Norvado, and national broadcast networks are unable to reach an agreement when negotiating the cost of retransmission consent fees. National broadcast networks are increasingly taking control over retransmission consent decisions and demanding a cut of local stations’ retransmission consent fees. If their demands are not met, they pull their signals from consumers, leaving you without your favorite programming indefinitely. And when those demands are met, it just results in higher prices for you.

Norvado continues to negotiate on the behalf of our customers to ensure our communities have access to the TV programming they want, at reasonable prices.


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