Norvado’s response to COVID-19

As our community prepares to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Norvado has instituted policy and process to ensure continuity of service to our customers and adhere to best practices and recommendations to maintain the health of our employees and customers alike. The following outlines our actions to date. However, we are fully prepared to remain fluid in our response, as the situation evolves.

Norvado will not terminate service to any residential or small business customer because of their inability to pay their bill due to the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, we will waive any late fees that any residential or small business customer incurs because of their economic circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

*Applies to phone and Internet products, television products excluded.
**Applies to the months of February, March, and April 2020.

Existing Customer Offers

Free Residential Speed Upgrade – Norvado will upgrade existing customers Internet speed for FREE for three months.

Seasonal Residential Customer – will not be charged the “seasonal upgrade” or “date charge” to reinstate service early.

New Customer Offer

Three Months Free – new residential Internet customers will receive three months free and installation fees will be waived.

*Restrictions apply to all offers, please visit for details.

Foremost to our decision making is the health and safety of our employees and customers. As such, Norvado has immediately enacted interaction procedures, including the following.

Customer Support

Norvado customers can receive support and pay their bills in the following ways:

Phone: 800-250-8927


24/7 Technical Support: 800-420-4384

Technician Procedures/Customer Visits

We will be asking all customers prior to entering their premise whether they have recently traveled out of the area, utilized air travel or attend any large gatherings where there were more than fifty people in attendance. Should the customer affirm they have done any of the three, we will attempt to service the customer, to the best of our ability, without entering their premise.  This may involve:

  • Delivering items to their doorstep as necessary and/or
  • Remotely walking the customer through whatever (installation, troubleshooting, etc.) needs to be done inside their home.
  • Should an exposed customer require an in-home technician to complete the required work, an appointment can be scheduled 14 days out.

In addition, we will limit our technicians time in our facilities. Dispatching from home and only visiting our facilities to pick-up necessary materials.

Graphic Diversity

To maintain continuity of service, to spread the capabilities of the team and limit exposure should one individual on the team be infected with the virus, we feel it is critically important to keep our employee teams, including technicians, separate. Therefore, work from home and other geographic diversity policy has been implemented and will be expanded in the coming days/weeks.

Doors Will Close to the Public

We will be closing our doors to the public at noon Tuesday, March 17th.  We will have a phone available outside of both Cable and Phillips business offices for customers to speak to a customer service representative.


Vendors will not be allowed in our facilities until further notice.  All essential meetings with vendors will occur off-site or via virtual meetings.

Training Room

We have typically had a policy that allowed various groups in our communities to utilize our training room, should they need to organize a meeting. This policy will be discontinued until further notice.

Work-out/Exercise Rooms

Will be closed until further notice.

Travel Restriction

With respect to employees who would normally travel as part of their role at Norvado, we are restricting travel at this time.  We are asking that all employees who may travel for personal reason adhere to the following guideline:

If an employee travels more than five hours from home or office and/or are in an area where there are a large (>50) number of people gathered in a confined space, they must self-quarantine at home for the following week (five business days).

The second week after traveling, the employee must restrict themself to their specific office and post a sign on their door stating they are in isolation.

Office Supplies

Norvado has updated their office cleaning supplies to “medical” quality.

Should you have questions, we will be happy to assist you by phone, chat or email.

Please call: 800-250-8927



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