Mentorship event opens doors to career opportunities

Rural high school students in northern Wisconsin think they have two options when they graduate, move away for work or attend college somewhere; never considering what jobs and higher education opportunities they have near home. Norvado and WITC have partnered to change that conversation educators are having with students as they near graduation.

A first for the company, Norvado hosted fifty students for a Youth Mentorship Event in the telecommunications field on Thursday, April 18. Students, teachers and area leaders received hands-on, real world experience of what it takes to connect the Chequamegon area to the most advanced technology around. They also learned from industry experts what it’s like to drive innovation, implement ideas and how to take a career path to the next level. Representatives from WITC were on hand to explain education tracks available through the college.

“Many in our area, including today’s youth, believe that finding a rewarding career with great pay and benefits means having to look outside the area”, said Josie Lupa-Fleig Norvado Human Resources Coordinator. “This event was developed to showcase the variety of opportunities at Norvado, and to provide information on the diverse educational paths that can be taken to obtain a job in a technology, financial, engineering, marketing, customer service, sales or human resource role.”

Students from Ashland High SchoolDrummond High SchoolNorthwestern High SchoolNorthwood High SchoolWashburn High School and homeschooled students toured Norvado’s headquarters, learned about WITC education options, worked through three interactive, breakout sessions, and ended the day with lunch and prizes. Norvado experts led the breakout sessions in Broadband and IT Network Overview, Fiber Optics and the Customer Network, and The Real World of Marketing.

When asked what they liked best about the event, one chaperone said, “all of the honest, open information; it exposed the variety of work in these fields and educational paths and is a great opportunity for our students.”

Many students found the Marketing session most enjoyable while others simply appreciated the opportunity to learn more about job opportunities and chances to build a career.

For more information on the Youth Mentorship Event or Norvado’s internship and job shadow opportunities contact Josie Lupa-Fleig, Human Resources Coordinator, at or 715-798-7320.

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