2021/2022 Norvado Directory

In the age of technology, the traditional telephone directory is still held near and dear to the hearts of many of our community members. Because of this, we have invested resources into publishing a directory that continues to be a staple of the Northwoods’ homes and businesses. The 2021/2022 directory covers Norvado’s service areas of Price County and Bayfield County and beyond.

In printing the directory, there was an error in which the free yellow page listings were omitted from the directory. This error affects nearly 200 business customers within Price County. Norvado’s directory publisher, Pinnacle Marketing is doing the following to make resolutions for the error that was made:

  1. A supplementary mailing with the omitted listings will be sent to all addresses in Price County.
  2. An enhanced online directory will be available, including the 200 omitted listings.

Supplemental Printing – Additional Listings

Norvado shall have no liability or responsibility to customers for any omission or error with respect to customers’ telephone directory listings. 

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