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How do I use the MyTV app?

The MyTV app allows you to control your TV directly from your phone. Use your phone as a remote, channel guide, for controlling settings and more.

Step 1:

Download the MyTV app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2:

Open the MyTV app by selecting the MyTV icon from your screen click ADD NEW ACCOUNT.

Step 3:

Follow the steps in the MyTV app to link your device to your Video Account through your set-top box.

Step 4:

Select Menu on your TV remote control.

Step 5:

Arrow down to Settings-Apps-Device Code.

Step 6:

In the Mange Your Devices screen, Your Device Code will appear in the window.

Step 7:

Enter the Device Code into your MyTVs app.

Step 8:


MyTVs Menu

The following sections provide details for accessing the program guide, searching for a specific program, showing existing recordings or scheduled recordings, and using your smartphone as a working remote control with your set top box:



Channel Guide

Currently Watching



What’s Hot


Voice Commands

To activate the Voice Commands functionality:

1. Click on the microphone icon at the top right-hand corner of the MyTVs app.

2. This will bring up a Voice Commands screen and show a list of available commands.

3. Click on the Microphone button and speak the command.

NOTE: You must have Microphone and Speech Recognition activated on your smartphone in the MyTVs App settings.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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