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How can I configure my SmartLink PBX Desk Phone?

Properly programming your SmartLink PBX desk phone to accommodate your needs is imperative when working towards efficiency.  You can tweak settings on the phone manually, or with the MyPhone Portal you can adjust your phone settings on your own wherever you are.  All you have to do is login to your MyPhone Portal, go to the Summary tab, and click Devices at the bottom of the screen under the Personal Details section.

From here, click on the set keys button.

Next you will be taken to the Phone selection screen.  The phone pictured on this screen will vary depending on the model of phone you are currently using.  Once here, click Edit.

You will then be directed to the Edit Settings screen where you will be able to customize the settings of your desk phone.  Here you can add contacts to your Programmable Keys – Line Key for speed dialing, adjust the type of notifications that are display on your phone, personalize the display settings including the background image, and set preferences for each line.

After you’ve customized your phone make sure to click the Save changes button in the bottom right-hand corner.  To see changes immediately, simply reboot your phone once the settings are saved.  Otherwise phones will automatically update overnight.

Each model of SmartLink PBX phone has it’s own set of unique features and options, so take a look at the quick start guides for the Yealink T42 and Yealink T46 for additional details on these models.

Updated on June 12, 2019

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