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Does WatchTVEverywhere have an app?

WatchTVEverywhere does allow you to stream your favorite TV content to your smartphone or tablet, however there isn’t a WatchTVEverywhere app you can download to access all of the available channels at once like you can with the WatchTVEverywhere web portal.  Instead, if an app exists for the channel(s) you wish to watch, you must download the respective app(s) individually.  We recommend creating a folder on your device to keep all of them organized.  After downloading the app(s), all you have to do is login, and here’s how the typical login process goes:

1.  Click Sign In.


2.  Select View All Providers

3.  Search for Norvado by typing in the Search box or scrolling through the list.

4.  Select Norvado.


5.  Enter the email and password you used when registering your WatchTVEverywhere account.

6.   Click Login.

Once logged in, you can start watching live and on-demand content from that provider.  If an app does not exist for the channel you wish to watch, you can always use the watchtveverywhere.com portal to get to a provider’s content.

Updated on March 27, 2017

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