What is SmartLink PBX? Find out.

Smartlink PBX

SmartLink PBX allows you to have all the function of a top-notch phone system without having to purchase, install and maintain extensive hardware on site.


Utilize maintenance-free hardware.

Installing, owning and maintaining a PBX controller, expansion cards, CO trunks, voice mail processor is more than many businesses have time to handle. SmartLink PBX eliminates hardware headaches. And most businesses are able to have SmartLink PBX setup and running within a day.

Save money.

With SmartLink PBX, you only pay for connectivity. Hardware costs become a thing of the past.

Gain Flexibility.

More and more of the American workforce is a mobile workforce. SmartLink PBX accommodates your people wherever they are; with a customer, working from home, or working at remote locations. You no longer have to choose between mobile and a landline – SmartLink PBX offers the best of both worlds. It’s seamless and leads to truly unified communications, enhanced productivity and increased availability.

Business continuity.

Regardless of whether you lose power or the Internet, you will always be connected. With a SmartLink PBX you can reroute calls and manage your business from anywhere.

Boost scalability.

SmartLink PBX allows you to easily increase or decrease your phone units to just the amount you need.

Access more features.

SmartLink PBX is so affordable, you can enjoy new features and still pay less than before.

  • DID
  • Soft Phone
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Follow-Me Service
  • Call Details
  • On-hold music
  • Call routing
  • Transfers
  • Auto attendants
  • Extension dialing
  • ACD queues
  • Internet Portal

Mike Willis, IT Manager

Bretting Manufacturing, Ashland


 “What we lack in technical expertise, our vendors provide. Particularly Norvado. The techs that come here to help with the things we need have been top notch.”


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