For Immediate Release

June 1, 2018

Cable, Wisconsin —Many residents in the Northland are without long distance phone service due to a recent cut of an AT&T fiber optic line affecting Superior, Ashland and areas in and around the Norvado service territory. Norvado and CenturyLink crews are working to bypass and repair the severed line, but a strike by AT&T crews has complicated the work.

The service route that was cut carries long distance traffic for Norvado. Currently, Northland residents are experiencing intermittent call completions and recordings indicating network congestion due to lack of available routes for inbound and outbound long distance calls. This includes issues with some credit card terminals that use the long-distance network instead of internet to authorize credit cards. Cellular traffic, which relies on fiber optic lines to connect towers, may also be affected, including 911 service.

While the network was built with redundancy and backup systems, those systems have at times been overwhelmed by the volume of calls and data passing through this morning. “Norvado technicians have been working diligently with CenturyLink technicians and AT&T managers to get the outage resolved,” said Norvado’s Broadband Operations Manager Rob Lombard. “We know there is a problem in the AT&T network between Eau Claire and Superior, but there are no AT&T technicians to work with to get it resolved.”

Norvado and CenturyLink are currently working together to help troubleshoot AT&T’s network in a joint effort to get services restored to Northland residents.

Those who are digging or doing construction work should call 811 to find out where fiber lines are located to avoid fiber cuts like this in the future.


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