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Norvado Rolls Out New High-Speed Fiber Internet Packages for Consumers and Businesses in the Northwoods

New Plans Will Deliver up to Six Times More Bandwidth for the Same Low Price

June 30, 2021, Cable, WI: Norvado is rolling out new high-speed fiber Internet packages and pricing, giving Northwoods consumers and businesses one of the best value connectivity packages available anywhere in the United States. With consumer plans starting at $79.99 for 300/300 Mbps Internet and business plans starting at $99.99 for 500/500 Mbps Internet, Norvado is delivering the massive, symmetrical bandwidth and blazing-fast performance that will allow you to do more of everything you love: surfing, streaming, working, learning, video-calling, gaming, posting, sharing, and connecting. The new plans will deliver up to six times more bandwidth while maintaining the same low pricing.

“For more than 70 years, Norvado has been focused on using cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative communications services to residents and businesses across Northern Wisconsin,” said Chad Young, CEO, Norvado. “Our broadband service, backed by our world-class fiber network, helps Northwoods businesses to thrive and gives our residents the very best in communications, online entertainment, home automation and more. With the new plans and pricing that we’re announcing today—which are equal to or better than anything you’ll find in major cities—we’re taking that experience to the next level.”

For residents and businesses in Price County, this summer marks a major step in the transition from the legacy copper DSL network to Norvado’s state-of-the-art, high-speed fiber broadband network. Norvado continues to move residents and businesses on to the new fiber network, with this changeover expected to be fully completed in 2023. With the new fiber network, Price County residents will now be able to select from speed tiers ranging from 300/300 Mbps to 1/1Gbps—compared to maximum speeds of 20/2 Mbps on copper—while businesses can start at 500/500 Mbps and go up to 2/2 Gbps. More information on the Price County network rollout schedule is available at

Norvado’s fiber-based broadband network forms the foundation for a wide range of residential services including Internet, managed WIFI, TV, phone, smart home, and business solutions such as Internet, voice, video, network, security, telecommuter services and more. Full details on Norvado’s residential and business offerings, as well as the new broadband plans and pricing are available at


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Norvado keeps the Northwoods connected to the easiest, most innovative Internet, television, and phone services to enhance the experiences and entertainment for our customers.

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