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Powerful WIFI Optimization Tool Included with the Apex Experience App

Today, over 50% of adults within the United States consider having an internet connection to be absolutely essential. And while having an internet connection is essential, what is even more important is ensuring that your internet connection works for you.

The new My Priorities feature included in the Apex Experience App with Apex Managed WIFI introduces an incredibly simple way to optimize your WIFI for your specific needs. Optimizing your internet to support and prioritize your needs means more buffer-free streaming experiences, uninterrupted Zoom calls and real-time gaming.

The addition of the My Priorities feature in the Apex Experience app takes your network management capabilities to a new level. Within the My Priorities menu, you can prioritize traffic for work, music and videos, gaming, browsing, file transfers, or P2P file sharing.

Apex users can also set their prioritization for specific devices, giving more bandwidth to the computers and mobile devices in the household than they do to things like TVs and gaming devices. By prioritizing at the device level, customers can give network preference to all the traffic from a particular device without trying to identify all the traffic types that device might use.

My Priorities gives Apex users the ability to proactively manage and prioritize the devices within a household on a scheduled basis as well. This can mean giving priority on the home network to school or work-related traffic during the day but allowing gaming or streaming traffic to take priority after 5PM.

To learn how to optimize your WIFI network by setting up My Priorities, click herE.


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