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Norvado Fiber Camp 2019

On March 6, 2019, Norvado’s entire Outside Plant division took part in Fiber Camp 2019.  The Norvado Fiber Camp is exemplary of the innovative and forward-thinking nature of Norvado and critical in keeping our technicians up to speed on the latest technologies. The camp is an opportunity for our technicians to learn best practices from industry experts for the products and services we provide. For years, Norvado has brought experts from all over the country in-house to share the latest training practices on services we provide. During the in-depth training sessions, techs gained invaluable knowledge on wireless routers, devices, and fiber optic best practices from these experts and will now utilize this information in daily company operations going forward. The experts selected each bring a unique area and perspective to the table, contributing to an expansive and diverse offering of information and expertise.

The 2019 Norvado Fiber Camp was no exception to the diversified and high-quality event standards of previous years.  Joining us this year were Pat Stitcher (Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing) of Sumitomo Electric, Eric Benson (Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing) of Power & Tel, John Haugum (Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicing) of Dakota Supply Group, Jody Frey (Fiber Optic OTDR Meter Testing) of Utility Sales, David Budzynski (Fiber Optic OTDR Meter Testing) of Graybar, and Chad Gargulak (Fiber Optic Cable Prep) of Elite Cutover.  These individuals are an excellent source of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Over the course of the day, small groups of technicians worked their way through four different stations receiving hands-on training from the experts. The technicians focused on each station for an hour and a half, and the training stations consisted of Fiber Optic Cable PrepFiber Optic OTDR Meter TestingFiber Optic Fusion Slicing and Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicing. The training provided at this camp is helpful to all of our techs, even the most seasoned employees.

In addition to the in-house training we provide our employees throughout the year, Norvado finds that bringing in industry experts adds diversity and value to the training program, as well as helps our technicians increase their skills set. It is these unique learning opportunities that empower us to move forward and bring our customers the exceptional experience Norvado is known for.

We express our deepest appreciation for the relationships we have forged with these vendors and their willingness to join us in making this event possible.

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