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New technology brings faster and safer service installations to local customers

Norvado is Northwest Wisconsin’s premiere local broadband technology provider. Founded in 1950, Norvado brings cutting-edge technology to Bayfield County and Price County, keeping our communities connected, vibrant and competitive with big-city offerings.

Norvado provides state-of-the-art broadband services via a fiber optic network and sells and installs high-speed internet, managed WIFI, hosted voice solutions, cable television, managed IT services, alarms and surveillance systems and other products and services for residential, commercial industrial and education customers.


Norvado has an expansive service area and the environment and dynamic of each service address is unique. Without a thorough inventory and survey of the environment, it becomes highly challenging to properly assess the installation needs. The recent acquisition of a regional telephone provider in Price County expanded Norvado’s service territory, has added to this challenge. The Norvado field team recognized that a better assessment tool would be crucial in providing an installation experience that was safe and satisfactory for the customer and comprehensive and efficient for the Norvado team.

Because the survey assessment can be as varied as each client’s individual network environment, Norvado needed a comprehensive tool that could be deployed to field team members as well as the sales team. The NetAlly EtherScope nXG all-in-one handheld network analyzer was chosen to enable the sales team, field engineers and technicians to conduct a wide-range of assessment tasks, from project planning, equipment inventory, coverage mapping, deployment, maintenance and documentation of clients’ everchanging WIFI and Ethernet access networks. The EtherScope® nXG is used by the Norvado team to thoroughly assess the client environment and prevent unexpected challenges later in the installation process.

The Norvado sales team is the first point of contact with new clients and equipping this team with the EtherScope® nXG enables them to gather a great deal of information without requiring the intervention of field engineers. This tool is a game changer! The EtherScope® nXG has the capability to provide such a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the environment, that it has eliminated the need for a follow up site visit by a field engineer. The sales team members have also implemented the use of AirMapper™ Site Survey App within the EtherScope nXG tool to quickly and easily gather location based WIFI measurements and create visual heat maps of key performances.

These tools have provided the ability to create before and after documentation of the WIFI coverage at each service location. This documentation, including photos, case notes and passwords is uploaded to the secure Link-Live Cloud service, where it can then be made available to clients upon request. This functionality allows the Norvado team to provide the client with a comprehensive visual demonstration of the effectiveness of the service installation.

Putting the EtherScope® nXG in the hand of Norvado’s field and sales teams has enabled them to conduct pre-assessment surveys and WIFI heat mapping quickly and easily, eliminating the need for a follow-up trip to the site. The level of accuracy delivered by this tool ultimately saves both Norvado and its clients critical time and money.


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