You manage your business. We’ll manage the network. 24/7 365.

Your business relies on a data network that can keep up. Managed Network Solutions from Norvado brings productivity, reliability and customized network solutions that meet the needs of your business – all backed by 24/7 support of local business technology experts. From hardware to managed services we have you covered.


The Bottom Line

We’ve taken out the guess work and have the right combination of components that have been powering area businesses for over 10 years:

  • Hardware – Ubiquiti routers, access points, switches, radios, etc.

  • Software – access control, data network management—including performance monitoring.

  • Managed Network Services – 24/7 support, service and maintain your data network including remote firmware/security upgrades, hardware configuration backups on a hosted Norvado controller and more.

Network Service Options

Network Visibility

  • 24/7 remote access to your network to aid in diagnostics – red/green light validation.
  • All network-based configurations and updates are fee based.
  • ———-

Network Enhanced Remote Support

  • Bi annual device check, update firmware and security patches to most recent stable version. Receive basic remote support at no additional cost.
  • 24/7 365 Support to identify device and network diagnostics and Technician troubleshooting.
  • Includes 10 devices

Network Premium Support

  • Includes everything in Network Enhanced Support and discount level 2 on onsite support labor.
  • Save over 20% on fee based remote and onsite support.
  • Includes 20 devices

Additional Devices

  • Grow your network while keeping cost down.
  • 10 additional devices
  • ———-


DAVE OLSONCommercial Sales Manager
20 years with Norvado
My Favorite thing about the Chequamegon area is:
#1 Local High School Sports
#2 Diverse Recreational Activities

Call me at 715-798-7134

JUDY HINMANBusiness Solutions Consultant
13 years with Norvado
My Favorite thing about the Chequamegon area is:
#1 The Four Seasons
#2 The People

Call me at 715-798-7126

BILL BIEGANEKBusiness Solutions Consultant
20 years in business technology solutions
My Favorite thing about the Chequamegon area is:
#1 The natural beauty is hard to beat.
#2 The outdoor activities available all in one spot.

Call me at 715-798-7125

WENDY WHITEBusiness Solutions Support Specialist
7 years with Norvado
My Favorite thing about the Chequamegon area is:
#1 The Nature
#2 Hiking and Biking Trails

Call me at 715-798-7131

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