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100Mb DL
100Mb UL

  • 10x Faster UL
  • Fiber Only

300Mb DL
300Mb UL

  • Get 3x Faster
  • Fiber Only

500Mb DL
500Mb UL

  • New Price
  • Fiber Only

1Gb DL
1Gb UL

  • Premium Speed
  • Fiber Only

10Mb DL
1Mb UL

  • Copper Only

20Mb DL
2Mb UL

  • Copper Only

Add-On Data Services

Manage your e-mails through our secure platform,  which now includes e-mail message management to quarantine the spam and junk to keep a productive and clutter free work space.

Monthly Cost per E-Mail Address $1.00
Internet based protection for your computer.

SecureIT $3.95
SecureIT Plus $5.95
Cloud based storage for computer and server data back-up.

5 Gb $5.00
50 Gb $10.00
250 Gb $25.00
Unlimited Package $9.95
Single IP Address $10.00
5 Pack IP Addresses $30.00
13 Pack IP Addresses $70.00
Control Internet access to specific websites

0 to 10 Users $20.00 per 5 users
11 to 20 Users $18.00 per 5 users
21 to 50 Users $16.00 per 5 users
51 to 100 users $14.00 per 5 users
101+ Users $12.00 per 5 users
Business class e-mail, calendaring, tasks, etc. on Microsoft Outlook service.

Hosted E-mail Standard $6.75
Hosted E-mail Standard with Outlook License $8.25

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