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Fiber Drop Promo - 3 Months of FREE Internet + Apex Managed WIFI

Offer available to new residential customers with existing and qualified Norvado fiber facilities only.

Offer expires 4/30/22

PROMAPX (Apex Managed WIFI FREE for 3 months)

PROMINT (Fiber Internet Service – any tier- FREE for 3 months)

One-time $100 Router Buyback Credit

Residential Internet subscribers currently using a Comtrend router or Calix ONT/Router combo unit can get a one-time $100 Buyback Credit when they sign up for an Apex Managed WIFI service.

Terms & Conditions

New Homeowner Offer: FREE Apex Managed WIFI for 12 months

New homeowners can get 12 months of Apex Managed WIFI for FREE when they subscribe to a fiber internet package.

*CTC should not sell this unless the customer mentions they are a new homeowner and saw/heard about this offer from their realtor.

Terms & Conditions

Save a tree. Save $20.

Customers will receive a one-time $20 bill credit and an additional $2 off their monthly bill when they sign up for AutoPay and Paperless Billing. 

Terms & Conditions

Sign up and save.

Customers will receive a $5 credit on their account when they share their email address at

Terms & Conditions

Free Standard Installation.

Add a new or additional Internet, TV and/or phone service and get free standard installation (a $200 value).

Terms & Conditions

New Mover Program

Marketing Internet, TV, Phone to new people moving into our market. No special offer. Standard pricing applies. 


Website Remarketing (Phone)

Connect to the good life. Total Phone bundle $41.95 $31.95 today only!

Website Remarketing Campaign – customers that have visited and left will be served an advertisement with this promo.

Terms & Conditions

Website Remarketing (Business)

Norvado is helping local businesses thrive up here. Sign up today to redeem this limited offer.

Website Remarketing Campaign (Business) – People that have visited our website and clicked into any of the business pages will be served this promo.

CODES: WEBBP (phone) or WEBBI (Internet)

Terms & Conditions

Total Phone Lite


Currently available to Norvado East subscribers only as a tool to save existing phone subscribers who aren’t benefiting from the Total Phone Conversion.

Great Router Buyback


$100 bill credit for Comtrend router with upgrade to Apex Managed WIFI. 

Terms & Conditions

Streaming Offer

Customers can receive a free streaming device for increasing their Internet speeds and switching to streaming.


Ultimate Business Upgrade

Internet, IaaS, Managed Services, Smart Link PBX, Leased Phones Bundle

Terms & Conditions

Home Automation As a Service (HAAAS)

Choose any combination of 4 devices + Apex Managed WIFI – R for $49.99 per month. Additional devices can be added for $9.99 each. 

HOMEPKG – This will apply the $40.00 charge and then you will pick the first four items.
HAWATMP – to add water/temp sensors ($9.99)
HASMOKE – to add smoke/co2 sensors ($9.99)
HAAAS – This will bring up all other equipment that can be chosen for $9.99

Terms & Conditions

SPIFF - Apex Total Experience

Commission to CTC, CNT, OPS for selling Apex Total Experience or Total Experience Plus 

$5 Commission

SPIFF - Internet Speeds

Commission to CTC, CNT, OPS for upselling Internet speeds 

$25 Commission


50Mb/10Mb for $50.00 (CODE: HS5050)

100Mb/30Mb for $79.99 (CODE: HAY1030)

Terms & Conditions


50Mb/10Mb for $59.99 (CODE: HS5050)

100Mb/30Mb for $79.99 (CODE: HSC00BB)

Terms & Conditions

Telecommuter Forward! Offer

750Mb/750Mb for $99.99/month + 12 months FREE Apex Managed WIFI Total Experience including WIFI 6 router (a $203.88 value)

Telecommuter w/ Phone Service: FIT750

Telecommuter (Broadband Only): FBT750

Terms & Conditions

Telecommuter Forward! Package

750Mbps Download w/ 750Mbps Upload. Plus get 12 months FREE Apex Managed WIFI Total Experience including WIFI 6 router (a $203.88 value)


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