Norvado celebrates Telecommuter Forward! with lawmakers

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It’s not every day that the Norvado offices receive a visit from a state legislator and a member of the Public Service Commission. But then again, launching a program [...]

Podcast: Chad Young on Importance of Telecommuter Forward! and Norvado in Bayfield County

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Fiber Optic internet, jobs, telecommuting, Public/Private collaboration and more! On this episode of the podcast we sit down with Chad T. Young, CEO of Norvado, to discuss how technology [...]

State Officials to Celebrate Telecommuter Forward! Certification

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Cable, Wisconsin —Norvado will join local and state officials, along with members of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association, to celebrate Bayfield County’s Telecommuter Forward! certification on Aug. 22, 2018. [...]

Looking back at what made Telecommuter Forward! possible

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Earlier this year, the Wisconsin legislature passed a law paving the way for cities, villages, towns or counties to earn the designation as a Telecommuter Forward! community. That certification [...]