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What is Click-to-Dial?

Click-to-Dial is a feature of the MyPhone Portal that allows you to initiate a phone call from your computer via the Call button.  All you have to do is the click the Call button and enter the phone number you wish to dial or select from numbers displaying on your MyPhone Portal Dashboard.  If you click the phone number on the Dashboard it’ll bring up a menu of options. The menu includes an option to call the number. On names that have been recognized from your contacts, the menu additionally offers the choice of displaying the full contact entry for that name.

How It Works

A Click-to-Dial call first calls your phone and then when you answer that, it places the call to the target phone.

A popup shows the progress of these stages and the duration of the call once the target phone has been answered. If you pick up your phone, but there is a problem calling the target phone, the web page will not report the problem since you will hear the problem via the phone itself. This matches the behavior you would expect had you picked up the phone yourself and dialed manually. You can end the call via your phone in the usual way, or by pressing the End Call button on the popup. You can hide the popup without ending the call by pressing the Close button.

You can also place Click-to-Dial calls to any phone number by using the Call button, which will ask you for the phone number to dial. You can choose who to dial by:

  • typing the phone number,
  • typing the name or start of the phone number and then choosing from suggestions from your contacts or extensions, or
  • typing a “vanity number” in which letters are used instead of numbers

Either way, you can initiate a phone call without having to redial a number on your phone’s keypad, saving you time in your busy schedule.

Updated on December 27, 2018

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